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Investor FAQ

We are a Florida C-Corp that was founded in 2018. We are actively seeking investors for seed funding and are open to various structures.

We created SuiteGig to be the simplest way to manage projects. Our founders have worked with multiple teams and organizations that waste time and effort doing things that humans shouldn't need to do. Things like monitoring utilization of teammates, alerting teams when a deadline is approaching or reminding the team that taking small, deserved breaks when they are working well are important parts of keeping employees happy.

Our founders, Justin Ramedia and Adam Childs have worked together for years. Adam's background is in software architecture, full-stack development, and enabling others to learn while they build and create.

Justin's career has been spent in the digital marketing space. He is a designer, front-end developer, user-experience expert, marketing strategist and analytics fanatic. He has led internal marketing teams as well as his own dynamic, virtual teams.

We are seeking multi-disciplined, entrepreneurial individuals to join our team. If you're interested in being a part of our growing team, please email careers@suitegig.com.

Current Status:

Alpha release stage. For more, see our development roadmap below


  • Core development
    July 3, 2018
    Active development of core app, marketing foundations, vendor selection, corporation founded.
  • Alpha release
    May 30, 2020
    Alpha release of our app and initial user testing. We will be seeking testers from company conception for ux testing, usability testing and focus groups.
  • Planned beta release
    August 15, 2020
    Our planned beta launch will coincide with our final group of testing and bug fixes.

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