Who uses SuiteGig?

Any team that deals with deadlines and multiple projects. Creative teams, development teams, Agile and Non-Agile alike.

SuiteGig's Mascot - Hummingbird


Our app was designed with Creative and Marketing teams in mind. Our mission is to keep micro-managers away from the creative work that brings companies and campaigns to life.


Our app is one-of-a-kind because it marries the best parts of Agile with common sense to produce an easy-to-use task-based system for managing any type of project, including large-scale development projects. We'll put SuiteGig up against any Agile software out there.


SuiteGig is designed for working teams. Teams that build things. Who builds more than a sales team? We created SuiteGig to be flexible enough to fit any type of workflow and that means sales and business development as well. The best part is that we also tie in seamlessly with your creative and development teams to ensure that your sales efforts are supported at all times.

Client & Account Services

Our system was designed with clients in mind. The goal of a high-functioning team is to deliver perfect results to the client - so our app makes client relationships easy.